Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Art Trade

Tomas at Tomas Toons was the first person to comment on my blog and as a reward for that I drew something for him. He also drew something for me as an art trade, you can go over to his blog or his Y! site to see it.

This one was a race against time. I had told myself that I would get this completed for Monday, but I got sick and was not able to complete the entire thing on Monday, but I finally got it all finished and posted. I hope that you all enjoy, this was a little experiment for me and I think that it came out well.


Tomas said...

WOW! it's great! I love it hehe
thanx a lot for doing it, the muscles look great, and the skin looks so shiny, like he just got out of the shower, so sexy yum!
Thanx again for doing this, I think it's my favorite drawing of you =)

Aneros said...

Thanks Tomas for the compliments. Hehe I wish that this is what I looked like, but I am far from it. I'm glad that you liked it so much and the shininess of the skin is to your liking. Since you had left it up to me to either be nude or with underwear I decided to do both. Anyway thanks again for the compliments. Congrats on all of the pageviews that you have so far.