Thursday, October 11, 2007

Patrick Fillion's Zahn

I have always been a fan of artist that are not afraid to use male erotica as an artform. Patrick Fillion has always been one of those artists and it is my pleasure to have done some fanart of his character Zahn. Patrick has a long roster of characters that traverse his universe and it was hard to pick one over another, but I liked the character design of Zahn, it struck out more so than most and I was instantly drawn to it.

I attempted my new style of Photoshop painting on this one, and I am please with how it came out. I am working hard on getting better at it so that I don't look like so much of an amateur. I think that I have the skin shading down, or more so than the armor of the Guardian and the leather belt and boot of Zahn. I have to really go and see how those different materials are shaded in other comic settings, but also in real life since art mimics real life.

I am hard at work on a drawing to compliment the Guardian character I have and it should be up before the weekend, if not then this weekend.

I would just like to thank Patrick as well for all the kind words he said about my art and the professional critiques that he gave me in an email I sent to him. He really shows how nice of a person he is. So if no one has gone seen his blog or his site then I suggest you make your way over there and check it out.



As always if you like anything here please leave a comment or critique so that I can get better at my art.

Zahn Illustration (c) Aneros
Zahn Character (c) Patrick Fillion

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