Monday, October 22, 2007


This is my counterpoint to Guardian, the Yang to his Yin, so to speak. There is not much back story to either of these characters as of yet, but there might be...maybe even a short story or two with them. It all depends on what time I have.

You may have noticed that their sword blades are somewhat the same, that is because they come from the same source, though that too is something to be left up to the stories that I come up with.

I attempted to be a little more detailed with this one than Guardian. I wanted to try something different and I think that I succeeded. I do think that maybe the red might have not been the correct color to use for his skin, but I guess that that will have to be something that time will tell. The background is intentionally rather drab...I suck at doing backgrounds especially when I have spent so long working on the main aspect of the drawing, which is the figure in this one. It is one of those things that I need to work on.

As always please leave any comments and critiques on this drawing and email me if you want something custom.


Otis said...

Great concept and awesome design! ^_^

Aneros said...

Thanks Otis for the kind words.

batsu said...

hello!i've discovered your blog thanx to patrick fillon's one and i really like your art! i wait impatiently for your next work with guardian!

Tomas said...

very nice drawing! I actually like hte red skin, but I think it's a matter of tastes, and the coloring is very well done too!
I hope you'll someday do something with both this one and the guardian (not exactly eating lunch though)

mountii said...

that pic looks like the devil personified and i'm ready 2 jump in the bed fire to get in w/him if u know what i mean.....