Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mega Man

I normally don't do fan art, but I decided to do a few of them. This is the first.

I have always loved Mega Man ever since I picked up the first game because the box art was so bad that I had to see what the game was like. From then on I was hooked. Sadly I didn't stay with the series throughout the series, when it got on the Game Boy Advance and became almost something like Pokemon I lost interest. Recently there has been some cool character designs and it has gotten my interest back in the series.

I know that fan art that I created was from the GameCube game called Command Mission, that is one of the best armor designs of the series so far, hopefully they come up with some new ones and that the series doesn't fall by the wayside.

I hope that everyone likes my foray into video game fan art. Leave me some comments.

Mega Man (c) Capcom
Mega Man Fan Art (c) Aneros


batsu said...

hello!this is a real great fan art that you did!but a little drop of yaoi or slash would have been cool too.

Joe said...

I like! Looks to me like a grown up version! Cute! Boyish! hehe!