Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stringing Up The Lights

This is my annual holiday art. I got the idea back in November but I didn't have the time nor the right pose for the drawing until recently. I finished it late last night but I was too tired to post it until now.

Amusingly I check my email today and saw that Class Comics sent out their holiday card to their email subscribers and I see that Patrick Fillion's character Naked Justice is strung up with Christmas lights as well. I won't debate whose was done first, but I think that his was done better...I still have not gotten to his mastery level yet. Here is the link to Patrick Fillion's BOYTOONS MAGAZINE blog.

Anyway I hope that you like this drawing...and look it has a background.

Feel free to leave me comments or critiques on this work.

Happy Holidays to everyone.


batsu said...

hello Aneros!I saw patrick's art for xmas (great!) and I have to tell to you; sorry but yours is Really HOT too!lol.thanx for this piece of art and have a happy xmas!kiss

JC said...

I really like the glowy effects on the lights and your character's pretty eyes.

Glad I discovered your blog, dude. I really dig the MegaMan stuff. I love it when he's drawn like a man and not like a toddler. Remember that Mega Man cartoon with the not-so-great animation that came on here in the USA for a little while in the 90's? I loved how they gave him pecs-- haha.

Aneros said...

Thanks Batsu for the compliments. I'm glad that you like this one so much.

JC thank you also for the compliments. I hope that I can keep cranking out the art so that I keep everyone happy. I do remember the Mega Man cartoon, I never watched it much, just bits and pieces, but I do remember that he did have some muscle.

Anyway thanks both of you for the compliments and happy holidays.