Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Blog and Aneros

I have created another blog, EBH Art, that will go hand in hand with this one, though instead of being about adult art, I am posting only my non-adult oriented works, this includes comics, concept art and just about anything else that I can think of. I hope that everyone that likes my art here will give my other one a view, granted at this time there is only one piece of art posted there, a concept piece that I had done years ago, but I have several more pieces that I am preparing for posting.

So as not to just be a text post I have included one of my original concept pieces for the Aneros character that this blog is named after. Aneros was my persona so to speak when I was going through some hard times. He is the Greek god of scorned love and this is my take on the character. I am no longer in the scorned love state so he is not a representation of me anymore, but he is a character that is close to my heart. I am in the process of making an updated version of Aneros so that he can adorn this site, and he will be posted shortly after I have completed some of my commissions.

I hope that you like the concept and that you visit my other blog. As always commissions are always appreciated. Send any and all adult commissions to aneros.art@gmail.com.

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batsu said...

I'll go to your next blog tomorrow.thanx again for that new hot character!