Monday, March 24, 2008

Troy Sketch

I was installing Mac OSX Leopard the other day and while waiting for it to install and update I did this quick sketch. I want to keep this quick style going, I am planning on this being sort of how I will do the webcomics that I have brewing in the back of my mind. I have several other projects ahead of the webcomic as well as other commissions. But rest assured that it is coming, and will hopefully be better than my first foray into comics.

The one criticism that I have been told several times is that I have a problem with pacing, in that things happened too fast and that there were not enough transitions. In that respects I was trying to keep the comic going, making it easier for me to get them done and posted. I have read a lot of webcomics and they usually follow in a format of a set number of cells and that the entire story is played out over that. Though in most cases those cells are used to get a punchline across while trying to convey part of the overall story arc. My attempt was different, I was attempting a self-contained story that I could crank out fast.

I humbly admit that the end result was not the best of my ability, and I possibly will go back to the two comic story arcs if i can get a comic art style and a process that makes the creation of a webcomic easy enough to integrate it into the normal chaos of my daily life.

I hope that you all like the quick sketch of Troy.

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JC said...

Absolutely adorable character. Can't wait to see more.