Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gabe - Cel Shaded & Painted

I am trying something new with this drawing. I want to try and get a handle on doing cel shading because I like the way that it comes out in many cases, and how it can speed up the coloring process in regards to "painting." Posted here are the cel shaded version and the "painted" version. I would like people's opinion in the poll that I am posting as well. I also am looking to anyone that watches my blog to send me an email or leave a comment on any that can be improved. If anyone has a tutorial, or any artist that watches my blog and cel shades then any help would be invaluable. I hope that you all like this new line as well. Also added is a slightly different version of the "painted" version. In one I have a heavy black outline and in the other it is colored in so that it matches more of the tones of the drawing. Which do most people prefer?