Saturday, August 23, 2008

Commissions or Donation

I am putting out a request to anyone that likes my artwork. I am in need of commissions. If you would like custom artwork or even coloring of lineart, as I have been doing lately with the comic. I do all payments with 50% non-refundable upfront payment with the remainder paid at the completion of the commission. All payments are to be done through PayPal. Please email me at

Lineart (Single Figure) - $15
Lineart (Multiple Figures) - $15 + ($10 for each figure)
Color (Single Figure) - $30
Color (Multiple Figures) - $30 + ($25 for each figure)
Comic Page Color - $30 - $50 (Depending on complexity)
Backgrounds - $10 (Additional to base prices)
Landscape (Sketch)- $20
Landscape (Color) - $40

If you don't have a want of a commission then please think about using the donate button on the sidebar. I love making art and showing it to everyone on the internet, but it is a long a exhaustive process sometimes and monetary support always helps. If you find that you can do neither then please show your support with comments on my posts and my artwork, I always love to hear from people that look at my art and anything that they have to say that might help me improve.

Thanks again to everyone that has followed my art and left comments here and on my other art galleries.

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