Monday, May 11, 2009

Vinze - Ice

Last week an artist on Y! Gallery named AGHZ posted his great guy art called Vinze. He said he didn't really care for the colors and put it up for anyone to color it if they wanted. Well I wasn't about to let a good drawing go to waste so I asked him to let me have a try at it, luckily he agreed.

In the original drawing Vinze had flames coming from his arms, but I asked AGHZ whether or not that was a concrete detail of the character and he said that I could do what I wanted. I figured that others would try flames, so I decided I would do ice. This was my first attempt at doing ice, hopefully I have done it well. Also I tried a few new techniques with textures and whatnot.

Anyway I hope that you all like it.

Vinze and Lineart - AGHZ
Colors - Aneros

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