Monday, June 1, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I have started recently indulging in a guilty pleasure that I have been slacking off for a while now. Believe me it's not a truly guilty pleasure, I mean come on I post erotic art, so how guilty can my pleasure be?

I admit that I am a sucker for romance, and romance novels in particular. Now this is not that crappy Harlequin drivel that you see all over the grocery store book isle, waiting to be picked up by passing soccer moms. I prefer the gay oriented type. Be sure that it is not a large demographic, but it is there. But yeah I do like reading about the conflicts between two people as they battle society or the world to make their love come true.

I was guided to a site called where I found a wealth of really good gay stories and online novels. There are literally hundreds of stories. I was surprised by the quality of the writing that people could put into these stories and not have them published. Believe me some of these authors have the bestsellers beat. I would strongly suggest people go and read some of these stories. I know that in this day not a lot of people read, I guess that I will be a hold out and continue reading until I have to have everything on audiobooks, I blame it on my mom for reading to me every morning before school and every night before bed when I was little. But even if you are not a reader, please give these a chance, you never know it might be a style that you get into, especially when 9 out of every 10 movies out there is how the guy gets the girl instead of the guy getting the guy. Hehe maybe I am becoming a PSA for reading now.

The author that I was most drawn to was one Dom Luka, I doubt that that is his name, but it is what I will be referring to from now on. I can tell you that it is not often that I am totally engrossed in a story that I can read throughout the day and night and not even realize how much time has passed. His stories have the ability to do that. Particularly his Desert Dropping is a great story, that I recently re-read.

Most of his stories are set in a high school setting, and I analyzed the reasoning for that and the conclusion that I have come up with in regards to why Dom Luka and most other gay authors pick this time period in a life to write stories like this: it is because of all of the ingrained conflict. I mean at what other point in your life will you be closed in on all sides by that restrictions of your high school society, your friends, your parents and you hormones. You can't do much to escape the situations that you are put in, and then you have the two types of people that either want to just have a quickie and those that are looking for something more meaningful. It is really an interesting time to set a story, as opposed to a setting like college or even after college where, granted there are still restrictions that are placed on you, but you have a lot more freedom than you did before.

I have been really impressed with Dom Luka's work. He has of late not been posting often, but hopefully that can be remedied soon. I know how real life can step into your creative endeavors and keep you away from them. I have been inspired by his stories that I may do some fan art from them, though I have no idea when I will have a chance.

So I ask all of you that follow me, and against all hope that one of those might be Dom Luka himself. If you know Dom Luka please give him my compliments on being a great author and pass along my email so that I might be able to do some covers for his stories.

Thanks again for listening to my ramblings about my guilty pleasure. I hope that I haven't bored everyone.

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James said...

Just read that story and i cant believe how amazing it was! The thing you said about not being able to put it down is so true! I actually read it in two days Can't wait to read some more of his stories. Thanks again!