Monday, June 29, 2009

Original Works

I've been slacking a little on the postings here. Usually when I post a drawing to one of the art sites I will post it to here as well, but I have just been too lazy to do it recently. I am rectifying it right now. I am posting two new original works. I took a break from coloring other people's works and did some of my own.

The first drawing is entitled "Baseball Cap" and was my attempt at furthering my practice on extra large cocks. I have been coloring them for a long time now and I really wanted to work on more of my own. I had found this pose from a reference pic and I thought that it would work perfectly. The shoulder tattoos I based off of the Blood Knight crest from WoW. So they might look familiar to any Blood Elf pallys out there.

The second drawing is called "Towel" where I wanted to make a drawing that hid more than revealed. Sometimes the less you show makes things more sexy and I think that this one fits the bill.

Please leave your comments on these drawings. I hope to hear from you all.


b3nc0 said...
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b3nc0 said...

The Towel is my fave one, I ain't into veiny muscle and I really love the hide & show effect (top of the bum/ abs & tat disappearing in the towel).
Though, The Cap has a very juicy & righteously veiny huge cock & lickable breaking-limit scrotum-stretching mammoth balls...
Personnaly, a bit of body hair would have suited them.
You've done a great colour & light effects job, but you already know that.