Saturday, July 18, 2009

Commissions Open

I have seen quite a few people doing commissions right now and I wanted to try and start doing commissions as well. I have tried them in the past and have not gotten many hits. Maybe now will be better. I have revised the prices so that it maybe easier on most people, especially in this economy. I work only through PayPal. All amounts are in US Dollars.

Sketch - $10
Lineart - $15
Pencil Shading - $15
Color Figure - $20
Single Color Background $25
Complex Background - $30
Color Pre-made Lineart - $20
Additional Figures - $5 Each
Additional Color Figures $15 Each

The Color Pre-made Lineart category is for when you have lineart from some other artist and would like for me to color it. Please make sure that you have the permission of the other artist to allow me to color their piece.

I will see how things go with this, so I will have only three slots open for the time being. If it seems that people are really interested in me doing commissions then I will open more. I am doing this in conjunction with my Y! Gallery profile Voider, but the commissions will be separate, meaning that the commissions here will not affect the number of commissions of Y! Gallery. If you would like a commission done, please send me an email to

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