Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Here is a little something I put together for Thanksgiving this year. I hope to be able to do a drawing for all the major holidays. I hope that you all enjoy.

Please have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guts Needs A Blacksmith - Collab

This is a coloring collab with the incredible Ryld. He graciously allowed me to color his work and I had a great time on it This one was a little different coloring because it was not just lineart as are my other collabs.

I hope you all enjoy.

Guts/Lineart - Ryld
Colors - Aneros

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cajun Boys - Zack


Here is my latest Cajun Boy, his name is Zach and he is a fisherman.

Zach/Cajun Boys (c) Aneros

Commission - Match


Here is a commission that I recently did for a great writer. These are his characters Daniel and Kole. Here is his short story to go with the drawing.

Kole Schaus wasn’t your typical man. In fact, he wasn’t your typical anything, a pure mystery to even his closest friends including Daniel. A sharp jaw, high cheekbones, black hair, and piercing aqua blue eyes gave him male model features that even professionals would kill for. Not to mention the six pack abs, broad shoulders, a mounded chest and arms that would make a Greek God cry. Then there were the skills he shared with the other members of Barricade.
When Cade had found Kole he was at the shooting range, sighting down a Saiga 12S shotgun. Cade had been impressed with his marksmanship and started a discussion with him. Eventually Barricade had come into the topic and before he knew it Cade was showing him around the company, introducing him to others that worked there. Kole made friends quickly and the next thing he knew Cade had offered him a job.
Kole lifted himself onto the side of the pool shaking the memory away and not caring that he was nude. It was his yard after all and there was a privacy fence. Not to mention the trees in full bloom that surrounded his property. If anyone could see him they had to be looking really hard.
He looked down the length of the pool to the wheelchair that sat at the opposite end. Daniel came up right in front of Kole blocking his previous target, placed his hands beside Kole’s and lifted himself easily to eye level. “You are the perfect man Kole.” Daniel said as he leaned in kissing Kole deeply. Daniel was almost all muscle and could easily be in any porno he wanted. He definitely had the equipment for it, and those sensuous green eyes that could pull anyone in were definitely money in the bank.
A minute passed before he managed to pull away from the kiss. The sun made Daniel’s hair look even more like a fire then it normally did. He loved Daniel, but was completely confused by him. He didn’t understand how a free spirited man like Daniel could ever think he was perfect.
“I’ll never understand how you could think this is perfect.” Kole said slapping his useless legs, making them shake quickly as a spasm surged through them. Kole never said why he was in a wheelchair and most even figured he didn’t know himself. Just like everything else about Kole, it was a complete mystery.
Daniel looked down, then back up with a gleam in his eyes and smirk on his face. “Looks perfect to me.” He said and lowered himself in the water.
Kole’s heart shot into overdrive when Daniel spread his legs and leaned forward to lick his quickly growing cock. Most people think being in a wheelchair means having no feeling or sexual desires. Broken. So little did they know.
It wasn’t even a minute before Kole’s 8 inch piece of grade A beef was standing at full attention. Daniel slid his mouth over Kole’s throbbing cock and slowly licked the tip sending a shiver up Kole’s spine. He leaned back on his elbows and moaned slightly as Daniel’s head bobbed up and down on him.
Kole watched Daniel take him in and out, getting faster. Daniel may not know everything about Kole, but he knew his likes sexually. Mystery is only one word to describe Kole; Intense is the other.
Daniel grabbed the base of Kole’s meat and stroked him as he pulled off and sucked both of Kole’s balls into his mouth. Daniel let go of Kole, but kept rolling his balls in his mouth. He reached into the water to stroke his own massive member, his other hand keeping him up high enough to play. He felt Kole tremble and knew he was close. He also knew exactly what to do.
Daniel felt Kole’s balls pull-up tight. That’s when he pressed his tongue hard against Kole’s balls, squeezing them against the roof of his mouth as well as biting down, his teeth sinking a little into that soft tender skin. Kole screamed with the cream that was shooting all through the air.
Daniel let go completely and pulled himself out of the pool. He knew Kole all too well. He looked down and saw that they were both still hard. “Please baby? I need you.” Daniel said.
“Of course, I need you too.”
Daniel smiled like a kid that just had all his dreams come true. He straddled Kole and leaned down. Water dripped from Daniel on to Kole. The sun made their bodies glisten and shine. Kole grabbed the back of Daniel’s neck and pulled him into a deep kiss, their tongue’s probing each others mouth. Tasting each other.
Kole slid his hands down Daniel’s back, to his ass and pulling him open a little. He moved a finger gently again that sweet pink opening. Daniel moaned and slid lower onto Kole. Daniel grabbed his mans cock and held it up. He raised up and lowered his hole over that thick long meat and groaned. He loved the way Kole filled him so completely.
Daniel rode him, back and forth, making sure that hot button inside him was punched by Kole’s cock. His own 7 inches bounced, slapping both of their abs with each thrust back onto Kole. He sat up, wrapping his arms around Daniel, kissing him as they both felt Daniel’s cock throbbing between them. He kissed Daniel, sucking on his bottom lip and jabbing his tongue back into his mouth.
Daniel rode Kole as the kiss deepened. He moaned as his cock was stroked between their abs. He finally pulled away from the kiss and pushed Kole back down. Their hands quickly found each other, their finger intertwining together before Daniel leaned back, his freckled shoulders almost touching the pool edge. He moved his hips in a circular motion in this position making Kole’s cock hit every part inside of him. He knew that would trigger Kole’s cock to spasm and shake like a vibrator in him and he was already shooting streams of his own from the thought.
As on cue his hole gripped and released Kole tight with each jet he shot making Kole’s cock dance and spasm inside him. Both felt Kole's vibrating cock shake every inch inside of Daniel making him scream and shoot wild jet-streams into the air. Kole couldn’t hold back any longer. “Fuck! Oh Fuck Yeah!” Kole yelled out as he filled Daniel’s hungry hole, each shot arching both of their bodies. He shot another set of hot streams one right after another and another inside Daniel.
Kole let go of one of Daniel’s hands and gripped his throbbing cock, squeezing tight to make sure Daniel was milked of every last creamy and tasty bit of man goodness from his pleasure pole. Minutes past and Daniel finally sat back up, still with Kole inside him. He collapsed on Kole, their chest heaving against each other. Daniel whispered breathlessly in Kole’s ear, “You really are the perfect man.”

Kole & Daniel (c) - Marty Snodgrass
Illustration - Aneros

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat...

Trick or Treat...

I know that this is late, but believe me I have been busy. I hope that you like it. This is my character Troy, he maybe showing up more often in my works. I think that I need to post more of my OC's.

Troy (c) Aneros