Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bow - Christmas 2010


It's a little late, but I am making it before the end of the year, so that means that it still counts.

This is my new Christmas character Bow. he is one of two planned Christmas characters, though his friend might now be revealed until next Christmas, but who knows. He is one of the researchers at the North Pole Adult Toy Factory.

I hope that you all like.

Bow (c) Aneros

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snork - Commission


In my on going campaign to destroy all of our childhood cartoon memories I present Allstar of the Snorks.

Honestly this was a commission from DinosaurPrince. He liked how I was able to turn a smurf into a sexy guy, so he wanted me to try and work my magic with a Snork. I had never even seen the cartoon before, and other than a few comedy skits on shows like Robot Chicken and Family Guy I don't think that I would ever have known that this show existed.

I went through several revisions of the character. In the first one I had a more Snork-like head instead of a more human one. I also had created his snorkel looking more like a dick than a normal snorkel. DP wanted to keep things a little more traditional, so I went with the original snorkel, as well as adding the star to a belt rather than making it a tattoo as I had designed first. DP had also suggested several things on the shirt because it is a major part of the Allstar character, he thought about a tank top or the shirt being pulled up to show his abs, but I decided to do something different and pulled the entire shirt over his head.

I hope that everyone likes this one.

Allstar & Snorks (c) Man of Action and Hanna-Barbera
Commission - DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daskor - Gift Art


This is another piece of gift art that I had created for Baralust, I made this about a week or so ago, but I forgot to post it here.

This is his dark elf character Daskor. I really love this character and it was fun drawing him in a pose that set off his personality.

Daskor (c) Baralust
Illustration - Aneros

Ugluk - Gift Art


This is part of my Holiday Season gift art. I did this one for a fellow artist and friend, Baralust, of his orc character Ugluk. I had previously colored some lineart of this character, but I had never drawn him in my style.

I had fun with this drawing, and I think that it came out well.

I hope that you like it.

Ugluk (c) Baralust
Illustration - Aneros

Friday, December 17, 2010

Garnet - Gift Art


This week a fellow Y! Gallery artist, Jenny A.K.A. Sablechan, announced that it was his birthday next week. He said that people has asked him what he wanted for his B-day and one of the things was that he would have loved some fanart of his original characters (OCs). Well since I have enjoyed his art for a while now and I love his style, I thought that I should do some. I had not really talked to Kenny before, but he is a very nice and considerate guy. He loved the drawing and I hope that you do too.

This is his character Garnet, who is set in the Resident Evil universe.

Garnet (c) Kenny "Sablechan"
Illustration - Aneros

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Belvadar - Gift Art


This is some gift art that I created for my friend DinosaurPrince. This is his character Belvadar, who is a demon-bat god. I wanted to do a drawing of one of his OC's and Belvadar seemed to pop out at me. So this is something that I quickly threw together.

Belvadar (c) DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Iron Cocks

Iron Cocks

This is my entry into the Metal & Muscle Contest.

These are the Iron Cocks, a heavy metal band that prefers the least amount of clothing onstage. The lead singer is Vash, the guitar player is Kain, and the drummer is Trace.

Iron Cocks (c) Aneros
Illustration - Aneros

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rick - Splatterhouse


This actually might have been better for Halloween, but I only got the chance to work on it recently, so I am posting it right now.

I am surprised that there has not been more fanart with this game. Granted it won't be out for a little while, but still, it's a game with a half naked muscle guy, come on...

I took this almost directly from a screenshot that I really liked. I added a background that I think would look good. I am trying to tighten up my technique, I think that it came out really good. But I will take any criticisms that people might have to make my art better.

Rick/Splatterhouse (c) Namco Bandai
Illustration - Aneros

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack the Headless Cockman

Jack the Headless Cockman

In the spirit (the pun is intended) of Halloween I have created a new character. This is Jack the Headless Cockman. I wanted to do something a little different than what I did last year, putting one of my characters in a costume. I will post his backstory below, but on Y! Gallery I will make a condensed version so that it does not take up too much space in the description section. I also want to thank several artist friends of mine that helped me with input and advice: Gojira, Guytoonist, and Baralust.

Also I am asking all artists to help me with something. For the jack-o-lantern parts of the drawing I wanted to do a good glow effect, but I can't seem to find a good tutorial. I have yet to create a glow effect that I am happy with. So I would appreciate any tips, tutorials, or any help that you can give.

Jack the Headless Cockman Backstory:

Jack Olson was a normal college student with his full attention on getting drunk and getting laid. He was known across the campus as having a insatiable lust for sex and cock. He was infamous for his endowment and his sexual prowess. But he also was a bit of a showoff and would take anyone's challenge.

One Halloween night Jack and some of his friends were telling ghost stories when Jack told one of a haunted farm nearby. It was said to have been the final resting place of a terrible demon and it lived in the overgrown pumpkin patch.

Jack's friends dared him to go to the haunted farm and to fuck one of the pumpkins (they all were very drunk at the time). Jack accepted the challenge and they all traveled to the haunted farm and pumpkin patch.

There Jack found the perfect pumpkin and began to cut into it a hole of sufficient size for his cock. Once done and with his friends cheering he stuck his dick in and fucked it until he exploded inside of the vegetable. As he came a loud howl erupted from the darkness and the sound of hoof beats could be heard coming from the abandon farmhouse. Suddenly a Headless Horseman appeared brandishing a sword. Jack's friends fled, but Jack could not. He faced the Horseman with as much pride as a half naked man could. The Horseman said that Jack had just fucked his head. The Horseman said that he would take Jack's head instead.

Before Jack could say anything the Horseman cut his head off with his sword. But as seeing how Jack had given the pumpkin one hell of a fucking the Horseman brought Jack back to live, but with a pumpkin as his head. The Horseman, now with Jack's head, told Jack that he would be leaving the haunted farm for parts unknown, but that if Jack found him within one year then the Horseman would give Jack back his head. if not then Jack would forever have a pumpkin as a head. As a parting gift the Horseman empowered Jack, his already massive cock was enlarged, his body became even more muscled and toned that before. He could also summon pumpkin minions and call forth a sword of his own.

So now Jack Olson is no more. He is Jack the Headless Cockman. He has one year to find the Horseman and his head, but that does not mean he cannot have some fun along the way.

Jack the Headless Cockman (c) Aneros

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Boxer

The Boxer Censored

The Boxer Naked

I had wanted to do a drawing a while back and I kept hitting an artist block. I asked a friend of mine for some advise and he told me to try doing a boxer since I had never done one before. Never one to shy away from a challenge I jumped on this drawing. It has taken a little longer than I had wanted, but it is finally finished. I tried to put the bruises in the places that a boxer would get hit, but I might have missed some. So take it with a suspense of disbelief if my bruise areas are way off.
You will find both a censored and uncensored version here. I did a censored version so that I could post to my Deviant Art page as well as being able to do live drawing vids on Livestream without having to worry about being banned.

I hope that you like. The Boxer (c) Aneros

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Incubus - Patrick Fillion


I can't believe that I had not posted this drawing here. It has been up on Y! Gallery for a while. When I had created the Zahn drawing at DinosaurPrince's suggestion I also wanted to do a drawing of my own choosing. Since Incubus is not one Patrick's characters that gets a lot of fanart I wanted to give it a try. I really like the way that it came out.


Incubus (c) Patrick Fillion
Illustration - Aneros

Friday, September 24, 2010

Zahn - Patrick Fillion's Birthday


Late last month I got an email in from DinosaurPrince saying that it would be Patrick Fillion's birthday soon. Fillion is one of my favorite artists and I wanted to do some gift art. DinosaurPrince suggested that I do either Kitt Fisto or Zahn, I took Zahn because he is my favorite character in the whole cast that Patrick has created. I created another piece of gift art, but I will post it at a later date. I hope that you all enjoy.

Zahn (c) Patrick Fillion
Color - Aneros

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baralust In The Woods - Collab

Baralust In The Woods

Here is another collaboration that I did with Baralust. This is his character by the same name, Baralust. This drawing strays from his usual style, but I think that it also shows the depth and range that he has with his artwork. I love both of his styles, the comic as well as the more realistic. I knew when I first saw this drawing I wanted to color it. Luckily Baralust is more than accommodating in letting me color his works. Enjoy.

Baralust & Lineart (c) Baralust
Colors - Aneros

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ugluk Colored - Collab

Ugluk - White Background

Ugluk - Colored Background

I colored this original character from the incredible artist, Baralust, a few months ago. I had wanted to wait until he got back from his extended vacation so that I could get a current reaction from him. He really liked them. I did two of them, one with a white background and one with a colored background. I hope that you enjoy.

Ugluk & Lineart (c) Baralust
Colors - Aneros

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pencil Sketch 2010-09-03

Pencil Sketch 2010-09-03

It's been over two months since I posted anything here or anywhere online. I have been swamped with other work and that has meant that I have not really had the time to work on anything personal. I decided tonight that I needed to work on something just for me. I drew this and shaded it. The background is indeed crappy, but was just there so that I wouldn't have to have a plan white background.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Still Here

It has been over two months since I have posted anything here or over at my other online galleries. I have just been swamped with other projects that have not really allowed me to do my own personal projects. I have sketches and a few others that are further along, but none that are complete enough that I would feel comfortable posting. I plan on getting some completed soon and will be posting once again. I apologize for not posting anything for as long as I have.

Please stay tuned.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Scout Pin-Up

Scout Pin-Up The Sequel

This is the Scout from Team Fortress 2. I've never played the game and I mostly thought the rest of the characters, while originally designed, especially for a FPS game, were inventive they were nothing that I could use for erotica. Then came the Scout in one of the games first downloadable items. The Scout is like a lean baseball player and ripe for erotica. So here are my two drawings with Scout.

Scout (c) Valve
Illustration - Aneros

Monday, June 7, 2010

Aneros Pin-up 2


Here is the second drawing of my OC, Aneros.

Long live the god of lust.

Aneros (c) Aneros

Aneros Pin-Up


I've been meaning to create an avatar for my Aneros name. I had created a rather half-assed one years ago. But with that design I wanted it too much to be some sort of fantasy based character. With this I realized that I just need to go full force towards the lust end of the spectrum.

So without further ado, here is my OC Aneros, the god of lust. I hope that you enjoy. He will be making more appearances in my works in the future.

Aneros (c) Aneros

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lanturn - Pokemon Men


Here is Lanturn. I came up with the idea a few days ago and I just had enough time to put it together the past two days. I hope that you all enjoy.

Lanturn (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucario - Pokemon Men


Here is the next Pokemon Man, I thought that I wouldn't be able to make this one because of all of the other projects that I have going on now, but I did it. It was difficult to come up with an idea of this one for some reason.

Anyway I hope that you all like.

Lucario (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thunderbird - Commission

Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones

Here is the latest commission for Odie1049 with his original character Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones. This is the third commission with this character. Odie1049 is happy with the final piece, I hope that everyone else thinks so as well.

Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones - Odie1049
Illustration - Aneros

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Macargo - Pokemon Men

Macargo Censored

Macargo Uncensored

Here is this week's Pokemon Man, Macargo. This one was interesting. I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted in the beginning, but slowly as I started to draw the figure came out. I am happy with it. The fire might be able to use some work, so I am up for any ideas that anyone might have about how to do them.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Macargo (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slowbro - Pokemon Men


Here is this week's Pokemon Man, Slowbro. I hope that you enjoy. I did not have a chance to make a nude version, so I hope that this one suffices.


Slowbro (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sneasel - Pokemon Men

Sneasel Censored

Sneasel Uncensored

Here is the next in the Pokemon Men series. This one is Sneasel.

Sneasel (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Corsola - Pokemon Men

Corsola Censored

Corsola Uncensored

Here is the next of the Pokemon Men. This one is a little late, but better than never. I will go towards a more militaristic theme with this series of drawings since Pokemon are meant for battle I might as well make it appear as if their human counterparts are about to do the same thing. As I did before I have posted a censored version on Y! Gallery and the uncensored version on this blog.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Corsola (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandslash - Pokemon Men


Here is my second drawing as part of the PKMN GIJINKA HQ group. Sandslash was the Pokemon of the week. I think what I like the most about these drawings is how the artist has to try and turn the iconic images of these Pokemon and then make it as part of the human version and not as some anthromorphic change.

I hope that you enjoy.

Sandslash (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Umbreon - Pokemon Men

Umbreon Censored

Umbreon Uncensored

On Y! Gallery, an artist that goes by the name Sablechan created a group that wanted to humanize Pokemon, not make them anthromorphic, but actual humans with with tattoos, clothing or hair styles that would be reminecent of the Pokemon they are based on. I liked the idea so here is my first posting. I am posting the censored version on Y! and linking to here for the uncensored.

The funny thing is that I never even played these games.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Umbreon & Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Illustration - Aneros

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here is a really quick drawing I did for the St. Patrick's Holiday. I guess that I am going to try and get something out for all of the main holidays, well US holidays that is. This one came about after having some conversations with a good friend of mine, AncientofEarth, about what I should do. He gave me the idea of adding someone else other than the red head, as well as the tattoo on the red head is an Irish symbol that symbolizes love and a union (that's just a basic idea of the meaning). It was my other good friend Goldenpanter587 that helped me with the leprechauns.

I hope that everyone likes it. The background is crap I know, it was a really quick one so that I could get it posted in enough time.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones - Commission

Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones

I got a commission from the very friendly Odie1049 for his original character, Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones. I really had a fun time with this one, the different details that I normally don't incorporate into my other drawings were a nice change. As you may have seen I have another commission from him for Thunderbird Jones again, so this is not the last time that you have seen him.

Thaddeus "Thunderbird" Jones -
Illustration - Aneros

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gantu Colored


I have been posting a lot of Gantu & David art on my blog, here is the first colored one that I have done. I wanted to try and get Gantu's color correct. In some art he is sort of a gray-green where as others he is a dark gray, so I think that I hit a happy medium with it. It has been brought up that Gantu's dick is not as detailed as the other parts of him, well according to references this is what it would look like if Gantu was real and that he is basically an anthromorphic orca whale. I will probably do one or two more Gantu and David sketches before I start to color them all. Please keep an eye open for the new works.

Gantu (c) Disney
Illustration - Aneros

Colskar & Orc - Commission

Colskar & Orc

Here is a commission that I did for one of my good friends, Guytoonist23 on Y!Gallery. This is his character Colskar, the human, and an orc that is as of yet un-named. He created these characters for a short story of his and I was happy to help him imagine them, though he has quite a bit of artistic skill himself. I hope that you all enjoy.

Colskar & Orc (c) Guytoonist23
Illustration - Aneros

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Gantu & David WIPs

Gantu & David 03

Gantu & David 02

Here are some more Gantu and David WIPs. I'll eventually get to them to color.

Gantu & David (c) Disney
Illustrations - Aneros

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kovu - Collab


I was struck with the talent that Dizniz from Y! Gallery had the first time that I saw his art. Everything that he posts seems to get better and better. A few weeks back he posted some lineart of his character, a then unnamed being known as a Kovu. It took me a while to find some time to do it, but I finally was able to color it. He has already seen it and he likes it. I hope that everyone else does as well.

Thanks again to Dizniz.

Kovu/Lineart (c) Dizniz
Colors - Aneros

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras 2009

Mardi Gras Guy 1

Mardi Gras Guy 2

Mardi Gras Guy 3

Mardi Gras Group

Mardi Gras has always been a big thing where I grew up. The celebration would last for almost a week. It was a week of great food and lots of drinking capped off with parades and a carnival. It was and still is a great time. I have not been back home for Mardi Gras in almost three years, so I am celebrating vicariously through my family that is assuredly making up for me.

I hope that everyone enjoys these few Mardi Gras themed pieces.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Even Cupid Needs Some Lovin'

Even Cupid Needs Some Lovin'

It seems that my holiday drawings are always last minute, I'll try to make that not happen anymore. This one came to me one night when I was talking to a friend of mine. It just took me a little while to try and come up with the pose that I wanted to use.

I hope that everyone like.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WIP - Gantu and David

Gantu & David (WIP)

I recently was talking to a friend and he brought up the idea of Gantu and David from Lilo and Stitch. I had only watched it one time, but I thought that it was a good show. I went and looked at a few Gantu pictures and saw that there was some good possibilities with it. He and I started throwing ideas across and finally came upon this one. This is the rough sketch.

David and Gantu (c) Disney
Illustration - Aneros

Iceman and Spider-Man - Commission

Iceman & Spider-Man

This is a gift art commission for my friend Gojira. He wanted me to do something with Spider-Man and Iceman, he left all the details up to me other than trying for an ice covered spiderweb in the background. I hope that you all enjoy.

Iceman & Spider-Man (c) Marvel
Illustration - Aneros

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fanart - Red & Draeman

Red & Draeman

Here is the third and final piece of fanart that I did of NMBGN's characters. This time it is with Red and Draeman. I hope that you all enjoy. I really had fun with this one.

Red & Draeman (c) NMBGN
Illustration - Aneros

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fanart - Biggens & Jumeiras

Biggens & Jumeiras

This is the second of the three fanart pieces that I did with NMBGN's characters. This time it is Biggens and Jumeiras. I hope that you all enjoy. I want to thank NMBGN for letting me use his characters.

Biggens & Jumeiras (c) NMBGN
Illustration - Aneros