Friday, January 15, 2010

Alien Foursome - Commission

Alien Foursome

This was a gift commission for my good friend Goldenpanther587. This entire piece was thought up by him and all the characters are from his imagination. I really had a great time working on these, it was possibly one of the longest pieces that I have worked on, but I am really happy with the way that things have come out.

He challenged me to do a group pic since I don't really have one of those. So I took him up on his challenge and I hope that this worked out. I also have not done aliens or a sci-fi themed piece.

The characters are (from top to bottom): Vex, Hunter, Kavix and Jason. The two aliens are from a species called the Vorox and they are brothers.

All characters (c) Goldenpanther587
Illustration - Aneros

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Knoxxy said...

nice. interesting positions!