Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gantu Colored


I have been posting a lot of Gantu & David art on my blog, here is the first colored one that I have done. I wanted to try and get Gantu's color correct. In some art he is sort of a gray-green where as others he is a dark gray, so I think that I hit a happy medium with it. It has been brought up that Gantu's dick is not as detailed as the other parts of him, well according to references this is what it would look like if Gantu was real and that he is basically an anthromorphic orca whale. I will probably do one or two more Gantu and David sketches before I start to color them all. Please keep an eye open for the new works.

Gantu (c) Disney
Illustration - Aneros

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Tuyuq Vampram said...

Good detail. The arms look especially good.