Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack the Headless Cockman

Jack the Headless Cockman

In the spirit (the pun is intended) of Halloween I have created a new character. This is Jack the Headless Cockman. I wanted to do something a little different than what I did last year, putting one of my characters in a costume. I will post his backstory below, but on Y! Gallery I will make a condensed version so that it does not take up too much space in the description section. I also want to thank several artist friends of mine that helped me with input and advice: Gojira, Guytoonist, and Baralust.

Also I am asking all artists to help me with something. For the jack-o-lantern parts of the drawing I wanted to do a good glow effect, but I can't seem to find a good tutorial. I have yet to create a glow effect that I am happy with. So I would appreciate any tips, tutorials, or any help that you can give.

Jack the Headless Cockman Backstory:

Jack Olson was a normal college student with his full attention on getting drunk and getting laid. He was known across the campus as having a insatiable lust for sex and cock. He was infamous for his endowment and his sexual prowess. But he also was a bit of a showoff and would take anyone's challenge.

One Halloween night Jack and some of his friends were telling ghost stories when Jack told one of a haunted farm nearby. It was said to have been the final resting place of a terrible demon and it lived in the overgrown pumpkin patch.

Jack's friends dared him to go to the haunted farm and to fuck one of the pumpkins (they all were very drunk at the time). Jack accepted the challenge and they all traveled to the haunted farm and pumpkin patch.

There Jack found the perfect pumpkin and began to cut into it a hole of sufficient size for his cock. Once done and with his friends cheering he stuck his dick in and fucked it until he exploded inside of the vegetable. As he came a loud howl erupted from the darkness and the sound of hoof beats could be heard coming from the abandon farmhouse. Suddenly a Headless Horseman appeared brandishing a sword. Jack's friends fled, but Jack could not. He faced the Horseman with as much pride as a half naked man could. The Horseman said that Jack had just fucked his head. The Horseman said that he would take Jack's head instead.

Before Jack could say anything the Horseman cut his head off with his sword. But as seeing how Jack had given the pumpkin one hell of a fucking the Horseman brought Jack back to live, but with a pumpkin as his head. The Horseman, now with Jack's head, told Jack that he would be leaving the haunted farm for parts unknown, but that if Jack found him within one year then the Horseman would give Jack back his head. if not then Jack would forever have a pumpkin as a head. As a parting gift the Horseman empowered Jack, his already massive cock was enlarged, his body became even more muscled and toned that before. He could also summon pumpkin minions and call forth a sword of his own.

So now Jack Olson is no more. He is Jack the Headless Cockman. He has one year to find the Horseman and his head, but that does not mean he cannot have some fun along the way.

Jack the Headless Cockman (c) Aneros


DEVILMAN said...

Very cool picture and i enjoy reading his story xD, its kin of creppy!!!!!

A glowing effect?? I only know one way!!! Paint the glowing effect on a layer in top of all layers and then change the opacity to make it transparent. The Blur tool can be usefull to make it looks better!

Dean said...

did you know that Patrick Fillion did a character very similar to this? he named him Jacko the Halloweiner

Aneros said...

I did know that Patrick had done one as well. We created these almost at the same time. Right after I posted mine he contacted me about it and we had a good laugh that great minds think alike.