Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bow - Christmas 2010


It's a little late, but I am making it before the end of the year, so that means that it still counts.

This is my new Christmas character Bow. he is one of two planned Christmas characters, though his friend might now be revealed until next Christmas, but who knows. He is one of the researchers at the North Pole Adult Toy Factory.

I hope that you all like.

Bow (c) Aneros

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snork - Commission


In my on going campaign to destroy all of our childhood cartoon memories I present Allstar of the Snorks.

Honestly this was a commission from DinosaurPrince. He liked how I was able to turn a smurf into a sexy guy, so he wanted me to try and work my magic with a Snork. I had never even seen the cartoon before, and other than a few comedy skits on shows like Robot Chicken and Family Guy I don't think that I would ever have known that this show existed.

I went through several revisions of the character. In the first one I had a more Snork-like head instead of a more human one. I also had created his snorkel looking more like a dick than a normal snorkel. DP wanted to keep things a little more traditional, so I went with the original snorkel, as well as adding the star to a belt rather than making it a tattoo as I had designed first. DP had also suggested several things on the shirt because it is a major part of the Allstar character, he thought about a tank top or the shirt being pulled up to show his abs, but I decided to do something different and pulled the entire shirt over his head.

I hope that everyone likes this one.

Allstar & Snorks (c) Man of Action and Hanna-Barbera
Commission - DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daskor - Gift Art


This is another piece of gift art that I had created for Baralust, I made this about a week or so ago, but I forgot to post it here.

This is his dark elf character Daskor. I really love this character and it was fun drawing him in a pose that set off his personality.

Daskor (c) Baralust
Illustration - Aneros

Ugluk - Gift Art


This is part of my Holiday Season gift art. I did this one for a fellow artist and friend, Baralust, of his orc character Ugluk. I had previously colored some lineart of this character, but I had never drawn him in my style.

I had fun with this drawing, and I think that it came out well.

I hope that you like it.

Ugluk (c) Baralust
Illustration - Aneros

Friday, December 17, 2010

Garnet - Gift Art


This week a fellow Y! Gallery artist, Jenny A.K.A. Sablechan, announced that it was his birthday next week. He said that people has asked him what he wanted for his B-day and one of the things was that he would have loved some fanart of his original characters (OCs). Well since I have enjoyed his art for a while now and I love his style, I thought that I should do some. I had not really talked to Kenny before, but he is a very nice and considerate guy. He loved the drawing and I hope that you do too.

This is his character Garnet, who is set in the Resident Evil universe.

Garnet (c) Kenny "Sablechan"
Illustration - Aneros

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Belvadar - Gift Art


This is some gift art that I created for my friend DinosaurPrince. This is his character Belvadar, who is a demon-bat god. I wanted to do a drawing of one of his OC's and Belvadar seemed to pop out at me. So this is something that I quickly threw together.

Belvadar (c) DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros