Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snork - Commission


In my on going campaign to destroy all of our childhood cartoon memories I present Allstar of the Snorks.

Honestly this was a commission from DinosaurPrince. He liked how I was able to turn a smurf into a sexy guy, so he wanted me to try and work my magic with a Snork. I had never even seen the cartoon before, and other than a few comedy skits on shows like Robot Chicken and Family Guy I don't think that I would ever have known that this show existed.

I went through several revisions of the character. In the first one I had a more Snork-like head instead of a more human one. I also had created his snorkel looking more like a dick than a normal snorkel. DP wanted to keep things a little more traditional, so I went with the original snorkel, as well as adding the star to a belt rather than making it a tattoo as I had designed first. DP had also suggested several things on the shirt because it is a major part of the Allstar character, he thought about a tank top or the shirt being pulled up to show his abs, but I decided to do something different and pulled the entire shirt over his head.

I hope that everyone likes this one.

Allstar & Snorks (c) Man of Action and Hanna-Barbera
Commission - DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros

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