Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 - Update

Well here we are a few weeks into 2011. I ended 2010 hoping that 2011 would be better. It has so far.

In February of last year I got a shock when I was laid off from a job that I thought that I would be too critical to be laid off. Well that was something that I was enlightened about. So I became a statistic of 2010. I spent most of the time trying to find a job, thinking that with over 4 years of experience and a college degree it would be easy, but once again I was proven wrong. I struggled along doing freelance graphic design work, ironically still for my old employer. Most people would have snubbed at doing work for the people that just laid them off, but hey I needed the money. As the year closed I did not have any real prospects for a job and I was starting to get worried. My fall back plan was to move back home and stay there until I could find something, but that would have meant that I would have left a city where there were more job opportunities than where my parents live, but more importantly it would have meant that I would have had to leave my boyfriend.

Luckily 2011 has turned out better than I expected. I applied for a job that I had no real idea of what to expect. I had a phone and in-office interview. I thought that I didn't have the qualifications that they were looking for as I left the interview. 2 hours later as I get home I see a job offer sitting in my inbox. So I took the job. I started last week and have been there for about 4 days now. It is quite a bit different than my last job, and sadly there really isn't much of a graphic aspect to it but it seems interesting.

The cons of the job though are a bit daunting. The office if on the other side of the city and taking the way that Google Maps indicated has me driving for an hour and a half in one direction. Though I have discussed with some co-workers a different route, to which I tried it tonight and I was able to shave off 40 minutes. The other con would be the lack of creativity in the job. Granted my last one did not allow me to stretch my creative wings so to speak, but it did let me work with the programs that I am accustomed to and I was given a lot of leeway with how I worked. Now I am under a stricter code and in a cubicle instead of my own office.

But to that end I am mainly here to tell of what will be happening in the near future. I just wanted to describe to you the situation that I found myself in last week, so that you can understand what will happen.

This new job has thrown my schedule to the wind. I now have quite a bit less time to work on things as I have been in the past year. I am also still doing freelance graphic design work for various clients after hours. This does not give me much time to work on erotica and the such. So for the next month or so my postings will be slow to non-existant, until I can get into a routine that works for me. I know that on weekends I will probably have time and the want to do some good porn, but I also will have other things to take care of since I do not have the entire week to do them.

Please be patient. I have a list of gift art that I need to finish and get to their respective recipients, and they are coming. I will not do any other art until those pieces and the other commissions that I have taken are done. Afterward I will go back to my normal personal drawings.

I addition, when I get settled in and am able to devote some time to working on all of this I will be unveiling a new pricing structure for commissions. In the past I have not gotten many, except from friends and whatnot that seem to know me. So I will be making my prices a bit cheaper for some things, as well as adding a few new options. Please keep your eyes open.

I hope that your 2011 has turned out as good as mine has so far, and let us hope that it continues throughout the year.


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