Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apis Bull vs. Brave One - Commission

Apis Bull vs. Brave One

This is another one of the gift art pieces that I am doing. I had wanted to get this all done before Christmas, but the holiday and other issues kept me from working on them as I wanted to. I tried to get to them this past week, but once again other things decided to hinder my progress.

This is for DinosaurPrince. I have a few pieces for him that have been posted recently. He was on the top of the list of gift art pieces I needed to work on, since I work on my drawings in the order that they are put down on my list.

This is a drawing of his two characters, Apis Bull and Brave One. DinosaurPrince has a large roster of original characters, but I felt that these two were sort of neglected. When I had proposed doing some gift art for DinosaurPrince he gave me a wide list of characters to work on, but I kept my choice secret until I finished the piece. He liked it a lot and had nothing but compliments to my work.

The pose was based off of some World of Warcraft wallpaper that I had on my computer a few years back and I thought that it would fit perfectly with these two characters.

Apis Bull & Brave One (c) DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros

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