Friday, February 25, 2011

Gift Art Guytoonist

During the holidaysI took a lot of gift art requests. Since my life took an unexpected turn with the new job I have not had as much time to work on the drawings as I would have liked. But they are slowly getting done. One of them was for my good friend Guytoonist. He in turn wanted to dosome gift art for me as well. So he asked what I would like and I told him to do his version of my Aneros character. He came up with something great. I am impressed with his work, he really gave my character a whole new look. I love how he has the cum just floating up according to Aneros' hand. I hope that you all enjoy his art as much as I did.


My gift art to Guytoonist was a drawing of the main character of the video game Viking. His name is Skarin and he as the title suggests is a viking. I used a lot of references for this one and I liked the way that the tattoos came out. I am not overly happy with the way that this one came out. I plan on re-visiting it in the future. Hopefully I can make a better one then, something to truly be gift art. But I am glad that Guytoonists like this drawing.


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