Friday, March 4, 2011


I am starting up commissions again. I have a slightly different pricing scheme than last time. I hope that I get a larger turn out than before.

Send all requests to


Pencil Sketch - $10
Inked Sketch - $15

Colored Drawings:
Single Figure - $20
Additional Figures - $5 (per figure)
Simple Background - $5
Complex Background - $10

Lineart Coloring - $10

**Y! Gallery Special**
Online Inked Character - $10
Online Colored Character - $15

Since most people are playing some sort of online game, I am offering a special discounted price on doing some art of them. This can be non-nude, nude, erotic, or just about anything else. I will need screenshots of the character and some references for any armor or other items that they might have.

All payments must be made through PayPal and are in USD. Once we have confirmation of a commission I will do a quick sketch and submit for approval. Then I will send you a PayPal link with the price. Once payment has been made I will finish the commission.Please send visual references for any commissions.


I am willing to draw just about anything. Below are just a few, but not all of the subjects that I will work with.

Acceptable Subjects:
-Men (all types)
-Furry (if subject is interesting)
-Original Characters
-Overly proportioned cock and balls

Not Acceptable Subjects:
-Extreme Gore
-Females (if there are no men involved)
-Furry (If the subject is tired or overused)

I will take commissions 5 at a time and I will post the schedule here.

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