Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Postin

It's been a while since I last posted here. I usually am the one getting annoyed at artist that take weeks or months between posts and here I am doing just that. I apologize, but I have have been extremely busy.

I have moved to a new apartment and I still am in the process of getting everything in it's correct place as well as trying to become familiar with the new places and people around here. While I am still in the same city I am on the other side and it almost is like being in another state almost.

I honestly have been neglecting my drawing. I have only gotten about three drawings done in the past two months since my last posting. I have not been slacking though, I have been working on other projects that are not art related, but they needed to be done.

Anyway here are a few of the drawings that I have missed over the past two months.


This was done for one of the clients that took me up on my commission offer. The client wanted me to do an erotic superhero drawing. I followed his specifications and he really enjoyed the outcome on this. I hope that you all enjoy as well.

Easter Bunny

I usually try to do a drawing for the major holidays, but this year has me slacking. I had a Mardi Gras one almost done, but the holiday came and went without the drawing being done. I may return to it later. Anyway this is my Easter drawing. It was a quick drawing and I didn't even have time to color it. As you can see with the speed of it, it is not the best of my works, but I hope that you all enjoy.
Predator vs. Elite

I am usually not a furry artist, but I saw that there was a large market out there for clients that might want things that are not in the mainstream vein. I started to post my commission prices and a few of my anthromorphic drawings on Fur Affinity and I got a few hits. One of them was The Grand Emperor that wanted to have a drawing of an Elite alien from the Halo franchise being captured and about to be taken by a Predator. To say that this was one of my most researched drawings would be an understatement. There are artists out there that have attempted to capture what a Predator or an Elite might look like naked and erect. Some of them were good, such as the FA artist Narse, but some were completely out of left field. Luckily the client gave me a long leash to work with and I was able to come up with this drawing, with a lot of help for pose from the client. Please let me know what you think.

These are the drawings that I have worked on in the intervening time. I hope that I do not wait as long for the next postings. Since I have moved to my new apartment I have cut down my drive time from an hour and a half to only 15 minutes. That is saving me 15 hours a week as well as an unmeasurable amount of sanity. I plan to start work on various other drawings once I am situated here.

Thanks for your patience.


DinosaurPrince said...

OMG your predator is KICK ASS!!!!!! I have to link this post!!! XD Nice job on the spike dick head. You really nailed his face too. Amazing job man!

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