Sunday, June 12, 2011

Extremely Late B-Day Art for DinosaurPrince

Cosmo Gang

I was told that it was DinosaurPrince's birthday and I decided to do this little bit of art for him. A few months ago we had talked about this old game that seemed to only have come out in Japan called CosmoGang (link). The characters were really cartoon-ish and of course did not evoke any sort of erotic-ness at all. DP pushed it off and decided that he would get some one to do something with them later. Well they had always stuck in the back of my mind. Since I have been able to sexualize some of our childhood's most cherished cartoon characters, The Smurfs and The Snorks, I took it as another challenge. So this is the end result.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Gift Art - DinosaurPrince
CosmoGang (c) Namco
Illustration - Aneros

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