Thursday, July 28, 2011

Halo Elite vs. Predator 02

Halo Elite vs Predator 02

This is the second commission by The Grand Emperor for a Halo Elite being fucked by a Predator. This also follows the second commission in a small storyline. When I was first commissioned for this piece I knew that this would be the pose that I wanted to use. I was just very happy that The Grand Emperor agreed.

I hope that everyone likes.

Halo Elite (c) Bungie
Predator (c) 20th Century Fox
Commission - The Grand Emperor
Illustration - Aneros

Baralust Collabs


Daskor Fucks Baralust

Once again the extremely talented Baralust has let me color some of his lineart. I have a long list of pieces of art that I need to do for him. Hopefully I can eventually get them done. But with the way my commission schedule as well as my normal job have been going I don't think that this will be something that happens soon.

Anyway please enjoy the artwork.

Wakka (c) SquareEnix
Riddick (c) Universal Studios
Chris Redfield (c) Capcom
Baralust & Daskor (c) Baralust
Lineart - Baralust
Colors - Aneros