Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aneros - Incubus Lord

Aneros - Incubus Lord

I had my Aneros character for a while.  But I wanted to try something a bit different.  He is a demi-god of lust so in the grand tradition of Final Fantasy when a boss has a transformation I made a new verison of him.

I am not really big on tentacle porn or anything like that, though I like the idea.  I just think that dicks are better than long tentacles...but hey I might just be weird.

I could not decide on the skin color and I posted a poll on Y! Gallery.  The normal and blue skin tones were the ones that were chosen.  I so I have this pic with both colors.  I hope that you enjoy.

Aneros (c) Aneros

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DinosaurPrince said...

This guy is just awesome, but then I have said that many times already...still NEED to do a comic based on him! :D