Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Webcomic Is This From?

Who and what webcomic is this from?

I need some help identifying the webcomic that this character is from.  I guess that you can tell why I am interested in it.

I remember that I came across this comic years ago, it actually was one a site with several other comics, or at least other artists that had comics.  I had bookmarked it, but after years and new computers I have lost it.  Who knows there might not be this comic on the web anymore.

Any help that you all can give me would be appreciated.

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DinosaurPrince said...

Hmm this style looks familiar to me. I swear I have seen it before. I can't tell you how many web comics I have come across like this, where people post one image with no further information. It's infuriating. XD