Sunday, January 29, 2012



So it seems that my quest to destroy everyone's childhood is still going strong.  About a week ago I was talking with DinosaurPrince and he brought up Popeye.  Well I don't know what it was, but I started to think that I had never done anything with him, in an erotic form.  I mean his whole persona sort of works perfectly.  His spinach always made his muscles bigger, so why not something else.

Anyway I did this one pretty quickly and I wanted to get something personal done in between different projects that I have going on.  So I hope that you all enjoy.

Popeye (c) King Features Syndicate
Illustration - Aneros

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Calvin & Hobbes - All Grown Up

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes has been one of my favorite comics.  I loved the imagination that Calvin had and the adventures that he went on.  I was always impressed with the style that Bill Watson used on the strips and how much fun he could have with his creations.  The wise-cracks that Calvin would always use and the well thought-out explanations for things always brought a smile and laugh to my face.

I always sort of thought that Calvin would be a frat boy.  So I found a good reference and it seemed to fit what I wanted to go with.  Since Hobbes was always with him, I thought that he would be the same as Calvin.

I did this drawing not just because I wanted to do something to break the streak that I have been doing just side graphic work and a commission that is taking longer than it should, but because when I was looking over one of the blogs that I follow I found a posting about a contest that gay erotic comic write Dale Lazarov was hosting.  He wanted to have cartoonist/illustrators make a pin-up of a male comic strip character.  He is having a contest this weekend and I needed to get this in as soon as I could.

Anyway I hope that everyone likes the drawing.

Calvin & Hobbes (c) Bill Watson
Illustration - Aneros