Sunday, February 26, 2012

Y! Gallery

As most of you know, Y! Gallery has been down for almost two weeks.  I know that the volunteer database admins are working hard to get the site back up and running, but they are all doing this on their own time, so while it sucks that the site is down, since we are not paying a premium to have 24-hour tech service, we need to cut them some slack.

But even as that is, I don't know if Y! will be back up.  I know that catastrophic hardware failure is unforeseen, so there was no looking out for this, but I just don't know if it will be back.

To that end, if Y! is not up in a few weeks I will start to post censored versions of my work on my Deviant Art (DA) account with link to this blog where the uncensored version would be hosted.  I think that this would be the best way since it will still allow me to have a community view my art, while picking up pageviews for my blog.

Here's to hoping that Y! is back up and running soon and we can all get back to viewing and favoriting all of the great artists on the site.

Ryl Commission


Ryl Messy
 The great commissioner, The Grand Emperor, sent me a request for a commission a few weeks ago.  He had commissioned me before for all of the Predator vs. Elite drawings, but this time he wanted to use one of his own original characters, Ryl.  I always love doing original characters, sometimes more than established mainstream ones.

His request was to have Ryl chained to a wall while a machine milks him for all he is worth.  He also wanted to have a machanical fuck-device about ready to penetrate him.  You see while Ryl might like guys, he has never taken it up the ass and guards it with everything he has.  So I was really draw to this interesting concept.  Also the idea that the fuck-device would be using his own cum was cool, sort of a complete circle.

I hope that everyone enjoys this, I certainly had fun working on it.

Ryl (c) The Grand Emperor
Illustration - Aneros