Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ryl Commission


Ryl Messy
 The great commissioner, The Grand Emperor, sent me a request for a commission a few weeks ago.  He had commissioned me before for all of the Predator vs. Elite drawings, but this time he wanted to use one of his own original characters, Ryl.  I always love doing original characters, sometimes more than established mainstream ones.

His request was to have Ryl chained to a wall while a machine milks him for all he is worth.  He also wanted to have a machanical fuck-device about ready to penetrate him.  You see while Ryl might like guys, he has never taken it up the ass and guards it with everything he has.  So I was really draw to this interesting concept.  Also the idea that the fuck-device would be using his own cum was cool, sort of a complete circle.

I hope that everyone enjoys this, I certainly had fun working on it.

Ryl (c) The Grand Emperor
Illustration - Aneros

1 comment:

DinosaurPrince said...

Oh gosh, My eyes almost popped out! That's some hot stuff right there and a lot of little piercings! Great rendering of an original character.