Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tauros & Bouffalant - Collab

Tauros & Bouffalant

This is another collaborations with the highly talented Baralust.

I have started to test out a new coloring style.  The one that I have been using before I haven't really improved upon it in five or so years, or at least not to a noticeable point.  I will start to use this style and work on it more so that I can raise it to a higher level.

I found that Baralust's lineart lends itself well to the style and I have already completed another piece with it, that I will post in the future.

As always this was fun to do.  The adult coloring book never ceases to please.

Tauros & Bouffalant (c) Nintendo
Lineart - Baralust
Colors - Aneros

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