Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maleficent - Male Version


 The theme this week for The Super Art Bros. was a male version of a Disney villainess.  I decided to do Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  I have always been intrigued by this villain, she was probably one of the darkest characters that Disney has created so far, and I guess that is why I like her so much.  I think that her inclusion into the Kingdom Hearts games was a great idea.

She is known for her green skin, green fire and long black cloak.  I wanted to try and capture that look as well as giving enough skin to show off his body.  I knew that I wanted to keep the hat, as that was the most iconic of her features, but the rest was something that I threw together.  I am not too happy with the fire background, but I think that for this it works.

I hope that everyone enjoys.

Maleficent (c) Disney
Illustration - Aneros

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spirit of Fall

Spirit of Fall

 This is my entry for The Super Art Bros. blog.  This week's theme was the Spirit of Fall.  While there were multiple possibilities for this, I went for a more grandiose route.  I have always been inspired by the summons in the various Final Fantasy games.  They usually were over the top.  That is where I got the idea from.

Seeing as how the Fall is the time for harvest I went with the idea of using a scythe and the red, orange, gold and browns of the season.

I hope that I have captured the feel of Fall.

Spirit of Fall - Aneros

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Captain N - Reimagined

Captain N

The theme at The Super Art Bros. this week was 8-'s Cartoon Characters.  I had at first tried Jonny Quest, but I did not like how he turned out.  He just did not seem to have enough uniqueness to work for what I wanted.

So looking over other 80's characters I came up with Captain N.  Granted he is skirting the 80's/90's line, but he did air in 1989.

Since he used the NES as his theme I decided to go with the Wii as his weapon and theme of choice.  In keeping with at least his Zapper I placed two tattoos of them on his lower abs.  I did keep the NES controller belt as I thought that along with his jacket were iconic pieces of Captain N.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Captain N - DIC Entertainment
Illustration - Aneros