Thursday, September 6, 2012

Captain N - Reimagined

Captain N

The theme at The Super Art Bros. this week was 8-'s Cartoon Characters.  I had at first tried Jonny Quest, but I did not like how he turned out.  He just did not seem to have enough uniqueness to work for what I wanted.

So looking over other 80's characters I came up with Captain N.  Granted he is skirting the 80's/90's line, but he did air in 1989.

Since he used the NES as his theme I decided to go with the Wii as his weapon and theme of choice.  In keeping with at least his Zapper I placed two tattoos of them on his lower abs.  I did keep the NES controller belt as I thought that along with his jacket were iconic pieces of Captain N.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Captain N - DIC Entertainment
Illustration - Aneros

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