Sunday, December 2, 2012

Moving and Adventures in Computing

I apologize to everyone for being so quite for the past month.  I have not posted anything and sadly I have not really had the time or actually the desire to draw for most of this month.  I won't go into the details about the personal issues, to which are still not resolved.  But the big change this month is that I moved into a new apartment and I built me a new computer.

The old apartment that I was in was nice and really modern, but I guess that I had got in at a special time because the price was perfect for my needs, but suffice to say in the year an a half that I was there the rent did go up quite a bit.  It was to the point that I might as well be paying for a house instead of rent.  So I went out into the wilds of apartment hunting.  I found a nice place that was cheaper, bigger and closer to my work.  While they are all good the downside is that this place was built a few decades ago.  But they have renovated last year.  So the surface of things is new, but the layout is very dated.  But hey I will only be her for a year and it is a lot quieter than my last place.  I moved in over the Thanksgiving weekend, so yeah I did not have a really good vacation from my normal job because I was running up and down stairs and unpacking.  Hell even a week after I've been moved in I still don't have everything out of boxes.  You never now how much stuff you have until you need to move.  I am just hoping that the next time around I won't have so much.

The other big thing, well it's big to me, is that I built me a new computer.  About 4 years ago I made the complete transition over to Macs, I have a Mac Pro (Early 2008) and a MacBook Pro (Early 2011).  While I love my Macs I was seeing all of these great games coming out and I never was able to play them because they are on PCs.  I know that a lot of them are out for the PS3 and 360, but I suck at the dual analog stick controls, I am way better with a keyboard and mouse.  While I can also dual boot into Windows, my Mac Pro's graphics card is too old for current games, and Apple doesn't appear to be ready to update the system anytime soon, and I only have a limited amount of space on my MacBook Pro to put games.  So for the past year I have been saying that I wanted to get a PC just for gaming.  The biggest reason was that I wanted to play Star Wars The Old Republic (I am a huge Star Wars fan).  The original idea was to go through Alienware to get a custom rig built, I wanted certain specifics and they seemed to be the best builders.  The problem was their odd release dates.  I wanted to have the 3rd Generation Core i7 processor, but their desktop system was still using the 2nd Gen.  I started looking into this around July, and every month I waited and heard nothing.  I contacted their customer support just about every month and they could not give me an idea of when they would update.  So this past month when they finally said that they had no idea, I decided to give up on them.  I went through several other boutique PC companies and finally decided to just build my own.

I had built a custom PC about 10 years ago, but in all actuality I had researched the parts and bought them, but had someone else build it.  But I know that for the most part is is not too difficult.  So this past weekend I went to my local MicroCenter and picked up all of the parts for my gaming PC.  It took me about 3 hours to build it when I got home, but that was mostly because I ran into some issues that required me to go back and try things again.  But seeing as how I am currently downloading updates and games to it, I guess that it is working.  I know that there are some people out there that like "tech porn" so here are the specs for the system that I built:

Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5Ghz
16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 RAM
2 TB Western Digital SATA 6.0 Gb/s Hard Drive
Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard
2x 2GB EVGA NVidia GeForce GTX 660 in SLI
Kingwin 850W Power Supply
Corsair Carbide 300R Gaming Case
Windows 8

Since this was a gaming PC I needed to have some games for it, so I went with Dishonored, Saints Row The Third, Deus Ex, Star Wars The Old Republic and the Mass Effect Trilogy.  I think I can safely say that my gaming needs are met.

I am planning on working on the few commissions that I have currently going on over the next week and hopefully will have them ready for next weekend.  I am available for commissions as well, so if you want something for Christmas please get your request in soon.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested.

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nicola said...

You buy the same MB and CPU of my computer :D good choice ;)