Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sol Badguy - B-Day Art for Maduinshorn

Sol Badguy

Last week DinosaurPrince asked me and some other artists to put together some birthday art for Maduinshorn. We had some direction that he particularly liked Sol Badguy from Guily Gear.

Sol has been one of those video game guys that has been done quite a bit, which is something that I usually try to not do, but the character oozes sex appeal and this was a gift, so I went at it. I did this one pretty fast as I still have loads of other projects that I am working on.

I hope that everyone likes this one.

Happy birthday Maduinshorn

Sol Badguy © Arc System Works
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1 comment:

Karoline KD A. said...

The hair is very good, especially downstairs! Been a long time since I last saw your art, good to be back~!