Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Houston From The Air

I had to go on a business trip about two weeks ago.  The trip was stressful, but I got to fly back at night and the flight path that we had brought us right over most of the center of Houston.  Usually I fly out of Bush Intercontinental, which is on the far north side of the city, but this time I flew out of Hobby, which is in the middle of the city.

My flight was almost empty and that let me have my own window seat and I was able to snap these pics before the stewardess stopped me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Me...

Happy Birthday Me...

 Today is my birthday, I am turning 31.

It's a bittersweet day, I have my family and friends wishing me a happy birthday and I am very thankful to have all of them, but it's also the first time in six years that I have been alone on my birthday, without someone there that I love that makes me smile and have that warm feeling of contentment and happiness.

I know that it will pass and I will find someone else that makes me feel that way again, not just on my birthdays, but other days.  Though that day is not today.

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lord of Darkness - Art Trade

Lord of Darkness

The incredible Baralust and I have several art trades going. He drew one hot as fuck drawing of Rick from Splatterhouse for me, which I am still humbled by.

This is my first part of our art trades. Baralust wanted to have an erotic drawing of Darkness from the 80's movie Legend. I remember watching it and loving the design of the character, granted I was probably 8 when I saw it. With this drawing I wanted to add in a bit of the cues that Baralust is known for, being really massive guys and even bigger cocks.

For anyone not aware of the movie, this guy was after a unicorn's horn for the typical power that usually comes from those sorts of things. I wanted to make things a bit different and decided that the unicorn cock would be a bit more in line with what I was going for.

Anyway I hope that Baralust likes it and the you all enjoy as well.

Lord of Darkness © Universal Studios
Illustration - Aneros

Mac Pro 2013 - Yes Please...

So I do have a very soft spot for Apple.  I started back in 2004 with my first iPod and has continued through three iPhones (1st Gen, 3GS and 4S) as well as three computers (Macbook Pro 2007, Macbook Pro 2011 and a Mac Pro 2008).  So suffice to say that Apple has gotten a lot of my money over the years.  I do love the interface of the OS and for the most part iOS is a good mobile OS.

Over the years I had seen my friends and other people playing these great games on Windows based computers and while I do have various consoles, it was not the same.  Also with my Mac Pro, the components were not updated on a regular basis as on Windows, so I could never upgrade.  But starting last year I began a small transition to bring back some Windows into my life.  I built a custom gaming PC, which I posted here.  Also I have been feeling a bit in a rut with iOS and my iPhone.  There were so many incredible phones coming out that seemed to have more features, mainly better and larger screens.  So with that I am planning on getting an HTC One next month to see how the Android world lives.

To say my burgeoning jump back into a non-Apple world was shaken today by the reveals at WWDC would be an understatement.  I have long hated the look that iOS had on most of their apps and the skeuomorphic design that they used.  I mean I was using a powerful computer in the palm of my hands, but the apps looked like they were from some 1960's version of a smartphone.  This new flat and minimalistic design looks incredible.  Jony Ives knows how to design things and I think that he did a great service here.  But even with my admiration for the new iOS7, I will still go through with my new phone.

But the biggest reveal today that got me excited was the new Mac Pro.  Like I said above I had been waiting for it for a long time.  I personally was thinking that it was going to be some sort of smaller tower, but still boxy with some sort of Apple design flair.  What was revealed was something so completely different it doesn't even seem to be a computer at all.  This beast is about half as tall as a normal tower and about a third the depth.  The way that they designed it looks incredible.  While the full specs are still a bit under wraps and more so the price, I am eagerly looking at this machine as a purchase later this year or sometime in the next.  I know that I could easily get by with one computer and leave it at that, but I have spent too many years with multiple ones, and have used them for many different things that I will still keep things going.

My only vices seem to be porn, both of the flesh type and for technology.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

GW2 Threesome - Commission

GW2 Threesome

I was asked to do a commission of some Guild Wars 2 characters.  These were of the client, Vasyl's characters of a plant race call the sylvari.  I had fun working on this, as I had never done a plant being before.  Please let me know what you think.

Guild Wars 2 (c) NCSoft/ArenaNet
Bravensu, Drako & Virsaii (c) Vasyl
Illustration - Aneros