Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lord of Darkness - Art Trade

Lord of Darkness

The incredible Baralust and I have several art trades going. He drew one hot as fuck drawing of Rick from Splatterhouse for me, which I am still humbled by.

This is my first part of our art trades. Baralust wanted to have an erotic drawing of Darkness from the 80's movie Legend. I remember watching it and loving the design of the character, granted I was probably 8 when I saw it. With this drawing I wanted to add in a bit of the cues that Baralust is known for, being really massive guys and even bigger cocks.

For anyone not aware of the movie, this guy was after a unicorn's horn for the typical power that usually comes from those sorts of things. I wanted to make things a bit different and decided that the unicorn cock would be a bit more in line with what I was going for.

Anyway I hope that Baralust likes it and the you all enjoy as well.

Lord of Darkness © Universal Studios
Illustration - Aneros

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