Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vann & Volgarr - Barbarian Competition

Vann & Volgarr

I had wanted to do some Christmas gift art for one of my best friends and I knew what I needed to do, but it also was going to take me quite a bit of time.  But as the saying goes, better late than never.

This was for Dinosaur Prince, who has a vast stable of hot characters that go from one extreme to the other.  I know that he has a soft spot for his barbarian Vann, but also during the past year he played a game called Volgarr that starred a viking that looks very similar to Vann.  Dinosaur Prince had said that he loved the game and I thought that it would be prefect to use with his own barbarian.

So with that I created a drawing where there is a competition to find out who is the best barbarian for Dinosaur Prince, and as you can see Vann won it hands down.

I hope that you all like it.

Vann (c) Dinosaur Prince
Volgarr (c) Crazy Viking Studios
Illustration - Aneros

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chris - Lineart Commission


 Here is the final lineart commission that I have done from the end of last year.  As usual, this commission was fun, it was interesting to draw a guy with a small cock.  I usually draw my guys with cocks that are well beyond normal, but with this one the client specific asked for a small one, so I obliged.  I think that it is pretty damn ironic to have this bug muscled guy with a small cock.

I hope that you all like it.

Illustration - Aneros

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Rocko

Christmas Rocko
I've had the pleasure of working with the incredible artist, Rocketman.  He is a great person and an even more impressive artist.  He has a style that is all his own and I always blown away by the way that he seems to paint with Photoshop.

I wanted to do a Christmas gift for him, but sadly some personal issue arose that stopped be from getting this done in time.  So going off of the better late than never philosophy, I am going to post it now.  His character Rocko is one of sexiest OC's that I have seen in a long time and I love drawing him.  I had worked on a commission with this character earlier in 2013 and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  So with that in mind I created this drawing of Rocko pulling off the old "Dick In A Box" trick.

I hope that you all enjoy.

Rocko (c) Rocketman
Illustration - Aneros