Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vann & The Snakemen - Commission

Vann & The Snakemen

 A little while ago, DinosaurPrince asked me to do a drawing with his character Vann and some snake men.  He had created a snakeman character before, named Ali.  He gave me a short background story for the drawing and then I went from there.  I had never done an Egyptian themed drawing before, so this was fun.

The story here is that Vann makes his way into this temple looking for an ancient relic.  He finds the relic, but as soon as he moves it, two guardians come to life.  The snakemen guardians had been there for centuries and they needed to drop a load, Vann was the perfect intruder for that.

Vann, Ali & Snakeman (c) DinosaurPrince
Illustration - Aneros

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Karoline KD A. said...

You did well on the Egyptian theme. Love the way you draw his characters. Very good! :)