Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where To Move - Suggestions

I was born in the South and I've lived all my life in the South.  I've traveled to different states and different counties.  One thing that this all has shown me is that I want to leave the South.  I moved to Houston for a job and through various professional and personal reasons I've been here for about 10 years.

And now I'm tired of it.

Be it the politics, the redneck idiocy or the heat...yeah mostly the heat (summers are almost triple digit temperatures) but I'm ready to leave.

I have always looked towards the Pacific Northwest as a place to move, but I know that it is a fairly expensive place to live (though I know that the pay usually will reflect that).  Seattle was where I always thought about going, but I know that there are other places around there, as well as other places throughout the country that could be good places to move to.

With that, I'm turning to the followers of my sites, I'm looking for suggestions for places that would be good to move to.  I'm looking into possibly moving next year, though a personal or a professional change might keep me from moving, I'd like to start looking into the possibilities.  There are a few requirements though.

1. Temperature - Summers here in the South can be 100+ for an entire month, I am looking for a place that actually has seasons and a summer that doesn't burn you to a crisp.  I much prefer cooler weather than heat.  Also, I've never driven in snow, and I don't want to have to deal with feet upon feet of snow.

2. Job - My day job is as a project manager at an IT company.  I would like to stay somewhere in the IT field, though something creative would be good too.  I would need a place that has businesses or regional offices that would need IT.

3. Costs - One of the things that the South has been known for and is a good thing is that the cost of living here is very low.  So you get more for most things that don't have costs set by a main office.  Property values are low as well and your dollar goes further.  I'm looking for an apartment to start off with a home possibly later, but I don't want to spend most of my income just on rent.

4. Infrastructure - I am always online and I'd definitely need some place that has consistent internet.  I had dial-up until 2005, so believe me I am not looking for fiber or anything like that, but some place that I'm not having my connection constantly dropped.

5. Social Amenities - I'm an anti-social introvert, so I am not looking for a place that is filled with bars and clubs.  But I love to go see a movie and I am a bit of a foodie, I’d like there to be good places to try.

I hope that I haven't been too picky in my requirements.  I would like to see what suggestions you all have.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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GreggerMan said...

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 30 years. I've never lived in the South but, because of what I've read and seen over the years regarding politics, racial and anti-gay prejudice and religious intolerance, I can well imagine why anyone would want to leave those close-minded states of being. I wouldn't begin to tell you life up here is idyllic, but it can be very good. Not the least because of the climate. When the rest of the country is on fire from the heat and drought we are usually much cooler and wetter. Our humidity is much different from that of the South. We rarely have electrical storms and we don't have hurricanes or tornadoes. However we do have chances for major earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic explosions and mudslides of monumental proportions. Nowhere is safe from nature. Recently, the drought effecting California for the last 4 years has made it's way up to the Olympic Peninsula (where I live) and we have had real over-80-degree summers the last two years. I've lived in Seattle but, if I could live anywhere else in the Northwest it would be either Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, BC. Both are expensive, but they are beautiful cities with liberal, educated and sophisticated inhabitants. Large creative communities, too. I would definitely recommend you travel to Portland and Seattle to see for yourself what they are like. And, if there is so remote chance you could live in Canada, check out Vancouver. If you can tolerate wet and grey winters and sometimes very flaky folks you'll do fine. I love it in my small community where there is no real gay connection to be had. If you are fairly young, active in the gay community and desire a gay lifestyle then the cities of the Northwest are ideal and not all that far from the biggest boy's club on Earth in San Francisco. Good luck to you whatever you choose and BTW, I really love your art.